Instruments from Gabriele Zeeck

Galery of some of my handcrafted violins, violas and cellos. According to the customer's request replicas are being mindful build based on original templates or custom models are being build based on the requested sound concept, feel and appearance.

Copy of a violin from Francesco Ruggeri

Copy of a viola from Jean Baptiste Vuillaume

Copy of a cello from Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

Violin according to Antonio Stradivari

Here you can also see casts of top and back of the original instrument.

Cello according to David Tecchler

These pictures featuring the cellist Maximilian Hornung have been taken in the Badisches Staatstheater (Karlsruhe/Germany). Here you can see him with my cello model according to David Tecchler.

Copy of a violin by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini

The original to this shown replica was stolen from the soloist due to an unfortunate mix-up with it.

Violin according to Guarneri del Gesù from 1732

The customer provided the extraordinary back herself.