Sound comparisons

There are many rumors and stories around the sound secrets of old Italian and French string instruments.

The good news: studies and blind tests (NZZ from 29.8.2016) show that modern violin making produces "young" instruments that have the same sound quality as their "older" relatives.

These sound comparisons are not about "better or worse", but rather about being able to convey emotions excellently on both instruments.

On the following pages

  • Nachum Erlich (Professor of Violin and Chamber Music, Karlsruhe University of Music)
  • Franziska Dürr (principal violist, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe)
  • Maximilan Hornung (cello soloist, first prize at the ARD music competition)

have played my instruments in comparison to their historical models.

To the sound comparisons:

Violin: A. Stradivari anno 1724 "Ludwig" - Copy by G. Zeeck anno 2015

Viola: Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume anno 1858 - Copy by G. Zeeck anno 2020

Cello: G.-B. Guadagnini anno 1751 - Copy by G. Zeeck anno 2017